The TAU is the sign with which St. Francis of Assisi loved signing his letters and blessings.

Indeed, the TAU, the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, is indicated in the Bible as a symbol of salvation. In the book of Ezekiel and in Revelation it is a prophetic sign of redemption through the Cross of Christ.

"The Lord said: go throughout the city of Jerusalem and mark the TAU on the foreheads of those who grieve and lament." (Ezek. 9.4).
"It is a sign of powerful protection against evil ..." (Ez.9, 6).

The love for the TAU was a love that sprang from a passionate reverence for the holy cross, for the humility of Christ, the subject of ongoing meditations of Saint Francis.
For the Saint, the TAU was also the concrete sign of his salvation and of the victory of Christ over evil.

Today, the TAU is the symbol of Franciscan spirituality that expresses the love for peace, joy, and God's creation.

The blessing

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